Welcome to Beaucatcher House Condominiums





Beaucatcher House is a mountainside condominium development consisting of 106 one or two bedroom homes built in 2007.  The operations of the community are supported by a monthly assessment which must be paid by all unit owners.  The assessment includes the grounds, structure, and amenities which are owned and maintained by the community as a whole.


The community is governed by a Board of Directors of five individual property owners who are elected for staggered terms.  Then, the Board chooses from among its members a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  Any member of the Association may nominate a candidate or run for the Board.  The Board strives to promote the well-being of residents and preserve the financial integrity of our investment.


We have a professional manager, Keith Reed of Baldwin Real Estate, Inc., who is the contact for all owners and residents for questions or problems.  You may reach him at 828-684-3400.


We encourage residents to take part in what is offered at Beaucatcher House and get better acquainted with their neighbors.  If you have any suggestions for items that you might find useful on this website, work requests for management or general comments please use the contact us link.



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